08 de diciembre de 2015

Coyote Beds!!

I was so excited to be back Tolay. I began walking out the Sears Point Trail. While I was walking I was thinking about something Meghan had said. I was thinking about small concentric rings of disturbance. I was thinking about being in my body. I was thinking about breathing. I felt connected. I was walking towards the sunrise; the sun was just beginning to brighten the hills around me. There was frost on the ground from the cold night before, in fact it was still cold. There was frost on the tips of the grasses and it was 32°- COLD!
All of a sudden to my left, only about 20 feet away was three coyotes. I was surprised; they had appeared in an instant. As I saw them, they were beginning to trot away. Two of the coyotes ran off together; they ran east and they ran quickly. The third began making his way north-west but didn't make it far, maybe about 50 feet more, then he stopped to take a look at me. I hear Meghan's voice in my head telling me to drop down, to take a shape that is not so obviously human. And I do drop down and the coyote sits. Me with my binoculars and she with her keen vision, we just stare at each other. After a few minutes she stands and begins north-west again. When she reaches the fence near Tolay Creek Trail, she sits again and we watch each other for another few minutes.
When I finally lost sight of all three coyotes, I walked into the grass heading right to where I had first seen them. I wanted to see what the coyotes had been up to. I wondered if they were laying in the grass, down where I wasn't able to see them before spooking them up. Or I wondered if they were hunting in the grass, so stealthy I of course was unable to see them. I was so excited to find three coyote beds! Each one was like a small nest in the grass. The shape they made in the grass reminded me of when my dogs will circle and circle on the couch before plopping down. I was surprised to see the beds were not touching each other. After such a cold night, I had imagined the coyotes would be closer together to keep warm. I could tell these beds were fresh, I believe this is where the coyotes were bedded down before I approached. All around each bed the tops of the grasses were frosted, but there was no sign of frost in the beds, in fact they were slightly warm!! I set my hand in the bed and it was completely dry. I set my hand in the grass next to the bed and it was wet. I even found a small piece of coyote fur in one of beds! What an amazing day!!

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