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24 de enero de 2017

Good rains

I'm happy that we in central Arizona are on the receiving end of good rains, but I'm even happier that we're only getting the left-overs of drought-plagued California. At least we have one pretty good year under way. May it continue, even if it should interfere with a very busy field season for the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy Field Institute.

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Pennisetum of the City of Phoenix Parks and Preserves project

The City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department in concert with the Desert Botanical Garden and especially the Central Arizona Conservation Alliance has established a new iNat project to map buffelgrass and fountaingrass locations in Phoenix parks and preserves. @sbeute gave an outstanding presentation to a group of Phoenix park rangers, stewards and interested citizens last Saturday to promote the mapping project, and I encourage any and all in the Phoenix area to add that project to your project list and to add to that database. As noted in the project rules, please make observations only from trails within the parks and preserve system. And if you should happen to run across either species along the trails in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, do let us know.

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30 de enero de 2017

State land hike

In the late '80's or early '90's I stumbled upon a pair of rock carvings in some granite boulders on state land east of my home. I have some slide photos of the carvings, but no location. After some noodling about in Google Earth, I went in search of them today. No luck, but I had fun trying. This area is rife with official and unofficial trails. The land is part of the study area for the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, though is unlikely to be added to the preserve. More is the pity for me living so nearby, yet I recognize the realities of the situation. City funds have been applied elsewhere, and for the better, because the land along Pima Road is some of the most expensive state land around. For this and other reasons I accept that this area will not likely be preserved.

Seems a good plan to wander the area over the next few years as time permits, it being so nearby. An Arizona state land recreational permit is required, and I happily keep mine up to date. And who knows? I may find those carvings again some day.

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