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23 de octubre de 2017


I haven't been very active with IDs here in the last few weeks. Most of the time was devoted to what the plumbers called a "septic system rehab," which is about as wonder-filled as it sounds. The view out my living room window has been transformed substantially. No trees were lost in uncovering the system, though a few bursages were not so lucky. However one tree was subjected to arboriculture by amateurs - me and the plumbers. The new lid to the septic tank looks like a half-buried Dalek, and is green. It would blend in nicely if there was a lawn, but I have no lawn. That job is done and we only have to hope that the dry wells recover from 38 years of use and abuse.

Last week was taken up with a workshop presented by the IUCN Red List. A small group of us involved in the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy Field Institute in one way or another hope to evaluate some Sonoran desert species, beginning with Asclepias nyctaginifolia.

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