19 de abril de 2022

Just when things were getting nicer

Snow today, but with temps near or above zero. EC says we may get 10cm.

I've been trying a minnow trap with my grandson the past couple of days, but no luck yet. We'd really like to see some of the tiny fish or better a diving beetle. So far only some case maker caddis flies have ventured into the trap.

More insects are out this week. Hopefully the snow doesn't set things back much. It's supposed to be back up to 9C tomorrow.

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07 de abril de 2022

'Tis the season

First tick bite yesterday. Hurray, spring is officially here.

The swamp is slowly coming alive with the warmer weather the last few days, although there is still some ice and snow in the shadiest spots. Spotted dwarf and marsh horsetail coming up and a few other things too early to determine species. The carex has doubled in size over the past week, and is now about 20-25cm tall.

Water level in the swamp seems very average so far this year. We'll see next week what the current rainy spell does for the water table.

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02 de abril de 2022

Hummingbird Swamp

Hi. My wife and I purchased 50 acres of the Brockville Long Swamp Fen in late 2010, and have been amazed at the diversity and density of birds, mammals, insects and plants that make up this remarkable ecosystem.

We call the place Hummingbird Swamp because of the abundance of those little guys. They zoom around in the summertime like they own the place :)

For all the years we've lived here, I've been pestering family and friends to look at every bio-geeky thing I've found and photographed ... they've humoured me, but hopefully now I can share this location with a wider audience - and with some like-minded folks who love nature.

While this property is private, I am retired with lots of time on my hands, so I would happily host any iNaturalist who'd like to have a look at this unique location. All I ask in return is that you respect the sensitivity of the fen.

As of this post the swamp is just starting to come alive after this past winter's healthy snowpack. Most of the white stuff is now gone, as is the ice in all but the most shadowy spots.

Hopefully the green things start popping up soon.

Happy observing and identifying!

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