How to create an iNaturalist yard list

Yesterday I created a iNat yard list, which is pretty easy to do. Here's how:

First create a "Place" by selecting "Places". Then click on "add a new place" and zoom in on the map until you find your yard. Click the cursor at one corner, then another, and continue until you've defined the polygon that corresponds to your yard. Give it a name and you've established your yard as a "place" in iNat.

To create a yard list, go to "Lists", select "New List", check "Make it a Life List", and type the name of the "place" that you gave your yard.

That's it. Now you have your own yard list that will be automatically populated with every observation that you make in your yard.

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Nice instructions! You could also use the observation interface for the same purpose. For example, here's a list of all of the species found in my favorite nature preserve:

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Your instructions should pop up for any new iNaturalist user! I kept observing with my phone but would get completely frustrated on the computer trying to create my "backyard". As a result, I have been a very infrequent user. iNaturalist should make this WAY more obvious for newbies! Thank you, thank you!

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Now that I know how to do this, can I retroactively add observations that I have already made?

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I'm not sure, joerich.

Lately I've been using the "Your Observations"/"Address" to keep track of my yard list.

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Also was trying out iNaturalist but gave up using because wanted to create a location with a definable polygon, not just a circle or box. Would be useful for tracking observations for a specific area, ie private property lines or outline of a park, etc.

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where to find the menu option to "add a new place"?

Publicado por helen0 hace más de 2 años

Here's a link:
But I guess iNat is discouraging creating new places since they take up so much space. So I'm not sure it's possible anymore.

Publicado por swells hace más de 2 años

Every time I click on "add new place" it takes me here... they should really fix this. If they do not want people making places they should take away this link.

Publicado por kstandre hace más de 1 año

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