Filter Cribsheet

Some shortcuts to filtering data
(this does not include simple terms accessible in the grey filter box: explore there)

Searching comments:
your own comments:
also: 1

Searching Identifications:
maverick IDs:
IDs not current:
e.g. observations that are currently falsely identified by me relative to community ID.
Inactive taxa:

Searching others:
&search_on=names (for taxa)
&search_on=place (for localities)

Useful extra terms to add to filters in filter bar:

(for multiple taxa, users, projects, fields separate values with a comma, note "ids" not "id")
&taxon_ids=12345,67890 &geoprivacy=open,obscured

With & without: &photos=true or &photos= or &has=photos ; &photos=false

Observations without any ID:
&iconic_taxa=unknown (includes Bacteria)

Observations identified by a particular user (e.g. tony_rebelo):

Instances of any ID made (community or not) :
observations only with disagreement

To exclude:
&without_term_id=1 [NB: only works in Identify tool - not in Explore, use the Annotations tab to add]


Observation Fields:
with a field:
with a field and value:
(you may need . (fullstop, e.g. sp.): %2e)

Observation field view:
Observation field view for a value: (e.g. Fynbos in Habitats-s-afr): (case sensitive)

Plant phenology:
&term_id=12 (and add value:: flowering: &term_value_id=13: Values: 13=Flowering, 14=Fruiting, 15=Budding)
&term_id=9 (and add value:: male: &term_value_id=11 female: &term_value_id=10)
Life stage:
&term_id=1 (and add value:: juvenile: &term_value_id=6: Values: 2=Adult, 3=Teneral, 4=Pupa, 5=Nymph, 6=Larva, 7=Egg, 8=Juvenile, 16=Subimago)

OBSCURED DATA: (observations and identify)
no positional data:
also: &acc_below_or_unknown

no localities: &geo=false

user private:
user obscured:
user obscured or private:
taxon private:
taxon obscured:


?list_id=1471294 (e.g.

compare lists (can use projects, places, dates and such)
e.g. CT List : place_id=52355&taxon_id=489493&d2=2019-04-25

listing observations in a list of url numbers

exclude a taxon:
e.g. Moths
observations identified as both species

via flags:
via taxa:
all children:
query inactive:

projects in a place: (restricted to those with a centroid in the place)

center map and zoom: #1 out #9 close, latitude, longitude
. #6/1.318/32.036

TABS: opening pages on special tabs:
for Places add: #observationstab #peoplestab
for Taxa add:

  • also /map#2/0/0
    for Observations add: ?view=species view=observers

FLAGGED CONTENT✓&flagger_type=any&flagger_name=&flagger_user_id=&user_name=jnstuart&user_id=jnstuart&flaggable_type=all&flags[]=spam&flags[]=copyright+infringement&flags[]=inappropriate&flags[]=other&reason_query=&resolved=any&resolver_name=&resolver_user_id=&commit=Filter

&user_after=2w (d, w, m, y)

&order_by=updated_at (for sequence by updates)

can add users and other features:

Your statistics:
Site usage statistics

To find a value of a project or field or user: add ".json" to the url, or use chrome > inspect
using APIs:!/Observations/get_observations

Publicado el junio 29, 2018 07:53 MAÑANA por tonyrebelo tonyrebelo


Just for fun
Your stats per year

Change the year to see what you got up to in different years. You can only see what someone else got up to in other years if they have generated their own stats.

Publicado por karoopixie hace alrededor de 6 años

To find identifications by a specific user:


Publicado por karoopixie hace casi 6 años

see - map of the last five minutes:

Publicado por tonyrebelo hace más de 5 años

@tonyrebelo This post is so helpful! I've been trying to generate some reports that went beyond the interactive filter, and this puts me further along that road! So, a question. How would I put the pieces together to get a report of all taxa that do not have photos assigned? I messed around with it a bit but couldn't make it work. Thanks!

@karoopixie I tried your stats url, changing the year to 2019 and replacing the last part with my name and it gave me the number of identifications I've made, but no total species, no observations, but at the bottom it does have the count of new species :-/ Does it not like counting the current year?

Publicado por kitkestrel hace más de 5 años

You have to click the "Generate stats" button to create the page. Also, if you add things this year after you've already generated the page and want to check the page again, you need to click the button that says something like "Refresh" or "Regenerate" (can't remember the wording offhand) to update the info.

Publicado por karoopixie hace más de 5 años

Yeah.... did all that....

Publicado por kitkestrel hace más de 5 años

Okay. Observations are only if they are observed this year, not if they're added to iNat this year. You won't have any observation/species info because you haven't loaded any records observed this year. So, to see info on obs observed in a year, change the year in the URL from 2019 to whichever year you want to look at, generate stats and there you go :-)

Publicado por karoopixie hace más de 5 años

observed vs added to iNat:

observed: on=#date# or d1= & d2=
added: created=#date# or created_d1= & created_d2

But does not apply to statistics, which is only date observed.

Publicado por tonyrebelo hace alrededor de 5 años

interactions: discontinued preliminary attempt

Publicado por tonyrebelo hace alrededor de 5 años

Is there a way to show only species having 1 observation?

Publicado por pfau_tarleton hace alrededor de 5 años

Not simply in one step. But for any area, to see those species with only one observation, just click on the species tab and look at the bottom for those with only one record.

The second step would be to refine the taxonomy, and then use the observations to home in on those.
I will explore further. Say under the species views - but that requires know what species you are interested in.

For areas with less than 500 species you can also use the compare function.

For more discussion see here:

Publicado por tonyrebelo hace alrededor de 5 años

Is there a way to search for one person's comments on the observation of another specific user? I was trying to find a past conversation with someone and didn't get any further than a list of all my comments on everything. This is not a critical issue, just would be useful.
Thanks for any help!

Publicado por lera hace casi 5 años

I dont find the comments functionality that useful - it could do with more filters.

Sorry, I tried various things but nothing seems to work.

Publicado por tonyrebelo hace casi 5 años

There is currently no way to search for comments by a particular user. It has been requested on the forum

What you can do is search for a word or phrase that you remember from the comment. Under All Comments (not "Comments by me"), type the query into the address bar:

?q=search words

So the URL will look like this:

{The %20 is URL-speak for a space.}
{Replace "search words" with the words you want to search for.}

Publicado por karoopixie hace casi 5 años

Thanks, both - that word search is new to me and helps!

Publicado por lera hace casi 5 años

I want to find all my obs within a Place (which I have created) that do NOT yet have a Field added (the Field indicates that Place, but with Values for different parts of it).

Is there a code for "doesn't have this Field" ?

Reason: I've been moving obs location pins around till I got them all accurately reflecting their location according to the 60 or so geographic zones of a site. I now need to add the Field to all those that don't yet have it (and remove incorrect Fields, but that's another task).

In case it's relevant, NB in "Edit my observations", my Places do not appear in the dropdown, so I find the observations for the Place by using a larger Place, then changing the Place ID in the url.

Thanks for any help

Publicado por kaipatiki_naturew... hace casi 5 años

Thanks: you will probably get a faster response on the forums (see
I have played around and cannot get this to work. Sorry.

Not_in and Without_ dont work, nor does # or <> or [null].

Please tell me if you find a solution.
If you are really desperate you can select the places, and then those in them with your field, and then manually find the mismatches, but that is a real pain:
in place:
in place with field:

Publicado por tonyrebelo hace casi 5 años

Thanks for trying Tony. I came to this post via the forum, as I havebeen gradually absorbing and learning the search terms from the Tutoril there that tiwane started. I can't find anything on it about Not with Field, but I thought I might have missed it or maybe I didn't know how to extrapolate from the info there.

I will try a question there.

Publicado por kaipatiki_naturew... hace casi 5 años


Use it on the Identify page. Then you can add the Field and Value under the Annotations tab.

Publicado por karoopixie hace casi 5 años

Thanks karoopixie. I have now tried this, and also variations substituting = or : for +, in the Edit Observations search, but none worked.

I tried it with the Field "Zone Bd Native Plant entry", copying the Field name from the url of the search for "Observations with this Field", and also with the ID for the same Field, ie "10595", copied from the url for "Observation field details".


and both those versions using the whole name of the Field.

Before I saw your tip above karoopixie, I had just posted a question on the Forum, so maybe an answer will arrive there.

Publicado por kaipatiki_naturew... hace casi 5 años

No, you have to use the Identify page, not the Edit Observations page, as stated above.

So your code would look like:


Publicado por karoopixie hace casi 5 años

Using the Identify page, is it possible to add Fields to the resuting observations? I have just shut down my computer so I can't try it tll tomorrow.

Publicado por kaipatiki_naturew... hace casi 5 años

Yes, read my comment above - add it to the Annotations tab.

Publicado por karoopixie hace casi 5 años

I thanks karoopixie. I don't use annotations so i don't know that tab, so I suspect you have given me a huge boost with that info:)

Publicado por kaipatiki_naturew... hace casi 5 años

Sorry, I must be n the wrong place. I only see the four life stages as Annotations in the Identify filters. Disregarding that, I filtered to my obs in a Place, and the annotations shown are just the same 4.

Publicado por kaipatiki_naturew... hace casi 5 años

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