Publications using iNaturalist data in southern Africa.


Recent records of fruit chafers (Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae: Cetoniini) in the southwestern Cape region of South Africa suggest that range expansions were facilitated by human- mediated jump-dispersal and pre-adaptation to transformed landscapes.
F. Roets, J.D. Allison & R.J. Basson. 2019. African Entomology 27(1): 135–145 DOI:


Invasive potential and management of naturalised ornamentals across an urban environmental gradient with a focus on Centranthus ruber
Patricia M. Holmes, Anthony G. Rebelo, & Ulrike M. Irlich 2018. Bothalia 48



The harlequin ladybird, Harmonia axyridis: global perspectives on invasion history and ecology.
Helen E. Roy, Peter M. J. Brown, Tim Adriaens, Nick Berkvens, Isabel Borges, Susana Clusella-Trullas, Richard F. Comont, Patrick De Clercq, Rene Eschen, Arnaud Estoup, Edward W. Evans, Benoit Facon, Mary M. Gardiner, Artur Gil, Audrey A. Grez, Thomas Guillemaud, Danny Haelewaters, Annette Herz, Alois Honek, Andy G. Howe, Cang Hui, William D. Hutchison, Marc Kenis, Robert L. KochJan Kulfan, Lori Lawson Handley, Eric Lombaert, Antoon Loomans, John Losey, Alexander O. Lukashuk, Dirk Maes,, Alexandra Magro, Katie M. Murray, Gilles San Martin, Zdenka Martinkova, Ingrid A. Minnaar, Oldřich Nedved, Marina J. Orlova-Bienkowskaja, Naoya Osawa, Wolfgang Rabitsch, Hans Peter Ravn, Gabriele Rondoni, Steph L. Rorke, Sergey K. Ryndevich, May-Guri Saethre, John J. Sloggett, Antonio Onofre Soares, Riaan Stals, Matthew C. Tinsley, Axel Vandereycken, Paul van Wielink, Sandra Viglášová, Peter ZachIlya A. Zakharov, Tania Zaviezo & Zihua Zhao. 2016. Biological Invasions 18, 997–1044 DOI: 10.1007/s10530-016-1077-6

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Is it easy enough to update this list?

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Yes: just add them as a comment below or email me, and I will add it.
If we moved it to another project with you as manager, I think any manager can edit any journal article.

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This is useful for reporting and to show the power of iNaturalist...

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