17 de enero de 2021

Curiosity #2 : Mistake is inherent to life

As you can imagine, this ladybug failed to reach the other side after this shot !
This is not every day that you can see that but it probably happens a lot in reality.

We often talk of "human mistake" like if it was only happening to humans but this is wrong.
This is a typical anthropocentrism.

The truth is that mistake is a big part of life and evolution.

Now, could you imagine what happened to the ladybug after this failure ?
I will tell you...

The ladybug changed its strategy.
Instead of trying again the same thing, the ladybug took a longer and safer path by going down to the intersection.
This is an illustration of learning process as its simplest in nature.

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16 de enero de 2021

Curiosity #1 : Lichen and plastic

See how this lichen literally emerges from the plastic sheeting :

With zoom :

It seems that it is not that rare.

@jurga_li, a lichen specialist on iNat, has written an article on this subject in a scientific journal.

This observation is a very good example of what we can add to Nature and Plastic projects !

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