Naturally Yours: Blitz #1

What crossovers can be made between art and the use of iNaturalist? Are there any specific iNaturalist projects with an artistic focus? This video slideshow is a go at merging concepts of citizen science and art. Below is the description added to the YouTube video.

Citizen Blitz

A slideshow of what an avid iNaturalist user sees while walking in the park. This collection of photos was made while walking a loop between Evergreen Community and Fish Creek Provincial Park (Shannon Terrace) in Calgary, Alberta. The walk was ~4 kilometers and took 2.5 hours with a few breaks waiting for some birds to come into view. All of the images are unedited and in the original sequence they were shot. This is every single photo taken on that day (March 31, 2021).

Creating a slideshow of an entire set of photos came from the idea that nature photography isn't easy and a lot of mistakes are often made. After shooting hundreds of photos, you might only get a handful of ones you want to share with the world. The idea of making mistakes is uncomfortable but this slideshow aims to overcome the fear of amateurism.

Some of the photos were accidently taken when my binoculars pressed the shutter button while walking. Others are intentional with me experimenting with f-stops, shutter speed, and aperture on my Canon 90D. Let me know if there are any particular ones you appreciate!

The music is some guitar recordings made with loop pedals and recorded on a smartphone. There is also a a CP train recording recorded in downtown Calgary that is layered throughout the video. If the sound doesn't work for you, mute the video and put on your own tracks!

All of the flora and fauna photos I take are shared to Even when the photos are unclear. I aim to continuously collect and provide data about the living world that may advance biodiversity conservation and research. Additionally, iNaturalist has become a passion of mine simply because it gets me outside exploring. If you are into taking photos and have an appreciation for nature, I know you will enjoy it too.

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I love this!
Nature is my #1 artistic influence.

Publicado por oracleofdelphi hace alrededor de 3 años

Great video! I also love the lighting in the candid headshots of your companion. Nature and photography are my two loves.

Publicado por teenakwin hace alrededor de 3 años

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