UNDER CONSTRUCTION | Last updated: April 22nd, 2024

This is a list of native edible plants in northeast Alabama.

"Northeast Alabama" as used here refers to the parts of Alabama above the Coastal Plain. That is, the Piedmont, Valley & Ridge, Cumberland Plateau, and Highland Rim (map). Additionally, if a plant has further uses beyond just edibility, such as being a pollinator plant, that will be noted as well. Saving the bees (and other things) means planting native!

I am not a native plant purist, but I do highly encourage knowing what is and isn't native to your region and growing as many local natives as possible. The APA, Weakley et al.'s FSUS, and BONAP are all good references to determine if your location falls within the native range of a given plant.

If a genus has more than a few species represented in north Alabama, the genus itself will be listed and individual species will be in the description or comments. Protected species are not listed but may be noted

Each plant on this list is marked with symbols to quickly convey information. Here's a key to their meanings:
☀️ Annual; ☀️☀️ Biennial; ☀️☀️☀️ Perennial;
🍎 Edible fruit; 🌽 Edible seed; 🥕 Edible vegetable;
🍵 Makes a steeped drink; 🥛 Makes a plant milk; 🌶️ Spice or seasoning;
🐝 Pollinator plant; 🌼 Ornamental/decorative;
🌿 Herbaceous plant; 🌳 Woody plant (shrub or tree);
🏜️ Drought tolerant; 🌧️ Drought intolerant;
❓ Possibly naturalized; ☠️ Has known hazards to humans; 🗓️ Harvest period