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I'm a life-long naturalist, and I love documenting everything I see out in nature. iNat is an awesome tool to organize everything and get it identified. I mostly use the site as a database/notebook of my own observations, but I contribute IDs every once-in-awhile when I'm confident (not often). My identifications of my own observations are tentative, since I try to go as far as I can using the info here, on BugGuide, in taxonomic keys, etc. I welcome any corrections!

I got my PhD at UT Austin studying aquatic insect communities, but I'm also interested in the natural history of pretty much everything--especially insects, herps, and plants. I am currently in the "lister" mindset where I am trying to see as many species as I can. I mostly focus on the low-hanging fruit of local plants and insects that come to lights.

While many of my observations are less-than-stellar phone pics, I am also into more serious macro photography. Please visit my website for some of my favorite shots:

Happy naturalizing!

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