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I'm a research associate in the Entomology Department of Iowa State University, where I like to do projects related to insect ecology, phenology, migration, and behavior.

My nearly-lifelong passion has been observing butterflies of the genus Vanessa - Red Admirals, Painted Ladies, American Ladies, and West Coast Ladies. It all began when I was walking near Carver Hall on the ISU campus one April afternoon and stirred up a Red Admiral that was perching on the sidewalk. It flew around me quite intensely and then returned to the same spot on the sidewalk. Then, a few minutes later, another Red Admiral flew in. The first one shot up to intercept it; they hovered together briefly, then chased back and forth, and then the first butterfly chased the other one around six or seven turns of a broad spiral up to the treetops. Then the intruder flew off and the occupant dropped down toward its perch on the sidewalk. Territorial behavior! With that, I was captivated. Watching them soon became an undergraduate research project, and later part of a graduate degree program. Eventually I became interested in their migration and seasonal distribution and started the Red Admiral and Painted Lady Research Site (, and invited observers throughout North America to share their observations of these butterflies. Most recently, David Kaposi (@dkaposi) suggested I start a parallel project page on iNaturalist, so the Vanessa Migration Project page was born. You can find it at .

My other interests? Perhaps more to add later....

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