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I'm a nature lover, botanist and aspiring naturalist. I'm grateful to iNaturalist for helping me be better at all three, especially the latter. I retired in 2021 after nearly three decades of plant collecting and research at the New York Botanical Garden.

I specialize in the identification Smartweeds (Persicaria) of North America. I'm drawn to them because they are underdogs of the plant world-- they have weed in their name, after all! They are also beautiful and enigmatic. They present many unanswered questions and few were willing to take up the challenges. Since 2010, I've discovered three new exotic species established in our flora.

Please keep those observations coming! For Persicaria it's helpful to get a shot of the whole plant and the habitat it's in; lower stems with ocreae and internodes; leaf surfaces and marginal hairs; and of course, a clear shot of the floral spikes. I enjoy looking at your photos of Persicaria and I look at every one, even when there are five or ten per observation.

For many years I've taught a course, Pressing Plants for Art and Science. The next opportunity is August 25 – August 31, 2024 at Eagle Hill Institute in Maine.

All my images are public domain.

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