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Nature lover, finished a career technician and network administrator.
I live in Bulgaria, near the national reserve Ropotamo, number NG 5868 of The Ramsar Convention: https://rsis.ramsar.org/RISapp/files/RISrep/BG65RIS.pdf.
I am also participate in iNaturalist projects on crowdin.com: Website, iNaturalist iPhone & Android and Seek by translating from English to Russian.
Here is my Flickr account http://www.flickr.com/photos/katunchik/ .
Sometimes I can not refrain from sharing specimens of my family members, of the Australian flora and fauna, Maria, Alexey and Vitaly K., and other flora and fauna by Andrey K., Natalia K., Nikolay K., Faina Z. , Vanda R. and Marina R.

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