Mark Nofsinger

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🐝🌳🍄🌎🏳️‍🌈I'm a naturalist who loves living things and being outdoors. In 2019 I stopped working so I could travel more and spend more time in nature. I don't have a particular focus for my iNaturalist observations but rather just photograph whatever catches my attention or piques my curiosity. I'm originally from the beautiful driftless area of Wisconsin, hence the screen name which I use on other platforms as well. I have a BS in biology and a BSLA (landscape architecture.) Having worked in an educational institution and then for a contracting company in the private sector I've developed an appreciation for the company of people who "get" science and nature and who don't think having shells, seed pods and animal skulls around the house is unusual. I welcome @s and messages.

The observation being made in my profile image:
“Dress like the creatures you wish to see in the world?”

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