Lee Thomas

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I am a generalist with many, and always evolving interests. And a passion for nature.

My past career was in paleontology; fascinated by our planet’s interconnections and evolution. Nature has always been my anchor. My go-to place. That desire to observe began with vertebrates, then wetlands and now, thanks to iNat, smaller beings I had overlooked before. (Though, this past winter, I started to get into trees, lichens & mosses.)

The iNaturalist community is a perfect fit for my natural curiosity. I am grateful to the observers & identifiers, experts & amateurs, and the folks behind the scenes. It’s especially important to have something like iNat in these times when so much change is at the cost of our planet. Just in my small patch, several of my observations can no longer be replicated.

And please, feel free to help any of my errant (or not) observations & identifications - both works in progress. I try to be very careful with any ID, but there is always something to learn.

Our natural Earth IS limitlessly amazing.

Happing Exploring, Everyone!

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