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I am a huge herp enthusiast. However, I love other animals and am fascinated by the natural world around me. Born and raised in the California delta region, I have always had a huge interest in the outdoors. I tend to show a huge interest in herps, arachnids and fish. The underappreciated, misunderstood creepy crawlies of this planet have always had a special place in my heart as they are interesting and often times, well. . . just misunderstood. I have no formal education of anything but am working to get a degree in anything wildlife connected in the future. I don't know everything but am willing to help others on what I do know. I am an avid fisherman and hiker. Any chance I get I am usually hiking aka herping or fishing(which has led to herping hehe). I am glad to share my observations and experiences with nature and look forward to all of your observations and experiences as well!

As of May 2016 I started a Youtube channel to help document and to share my adventures, finds, discoveries, etc. with the public. Recently I have slowed my posts due to some personal things, but I intend to eventually start posting regularly and will try to squeeze in a video whenever I can. I am still learning with filming and editing so my videos are amateur but they will get better with time!

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