A. Palmer "Jr." (Junior)

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Peruvian amateur botanist interested in plant taxonomy & systematics, currently studying the flora of Northern Peru and Southern Ecuador.

Most knowledgeable in:

• Flora of the Tropical Dry Forest (Tumbes, Piura, Lambayeque, La Libertad & Cajamarca in Peru - Loja, Guayas, El Oro & Manabí in Ecuador)
• Amaryllidaceae from Peru and Ecuador.
• Iridaceae (Tigridieae) from Peru and Ecuador.
• Flora of the Lomas Formations.
Pseudogynoxys (Asteraceae) from S. America.
• A bit of Galapagos flora.
• A bit of Colombian and Argentinian plants.

Currently working on:

• Ecology of non-woody plants of the Tropical Dry Forest
• Ecology and Taxonomy of ruderal vegetation in Northern Peru.

I also like and know a bit about Neotropical butterflies (but not much!)

I'm looking forward in becoming a professional on what I like, helping build more and more knowledge for the world about fragile ecosystems and how to preserve them for future generations.

If you have any observations of plants from Peru/Ecuador, please tag me! I’d love to see what you’ve found; and I’ll try to ID it based on my experience. If you have any doubts regarding my IDs, I'll be more than happy to explain them or correct if they weren't precise!

¡Feliz de conocerte!/Glad to meet you!

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