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I am a PhD student majoring in applied ecology at Peking University, with a broad interest in biodiversity conservation in human-dominated ecosystems. My research focuses on the conservation of birds and their habitat, particularly how landbirds respond to land-use change.

I started birding in 2019, mainly basing Beijing and Sichuan. Being an enthusiastic birder, I'm also interested in amphibians and reptiles. I'm not going to upload observations of birds (or at least, living birds) here as all my birding checklists are on eBird.

Feel free to tag me if you think I could help. Welcome to add annotations and fields to my observations. Don't hesitate to correct me if I make any mistakes. Send message to me if you need accurate locations of my observations.

Several friends of mine, all of which are skilled Chinese birders, are planning to start an English-speaking birding agency. If anyone is interested in personalized short-term birding trip in Beijing and surrounding areas, you can send message to me. And long-term birding trip itineraries are in development!

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