André Amaral

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I am a Brazilian taxonomist, studying frog-biting midges (family Corethrellidae), though I never managed to take a good, outdoor photo of one.
While I keep trying to take a decent photo of a frog-biting midge biting-a-frog, I'll be photographing other less-majestic species I get to meet. The smaller the merrier, as they say, I try my best with my limited equipment.
Birds are also nice. They are quite photogenic creatures. Whenever I look up and see a bird, I try to shoot it (strictly photographically speaking. I could never hurt or eat any moving multicellular living being).
Identifying insects by photo is tricky. Not only because for many many species you need to look at tiny hidden structures to properly recognise them, but also because there are still millions (or hundreds of thousands, but possibly millions) of species yet undescribed. So I am usually suspicious of identifications to species level in here.
I guess that's it for now. If you are also interested in flies, insects or things in general, come talk.


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