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Greetings Naturalists!
I'm a Master Naturalist in Austin, TX who loves to run around chasing tiny bees trying to photograph them! Currently looking for a coach on macrophotography and a mentor on bee ecology if you're interested or know someone get in touch.

If you live in Travis County please support with my research by documenting any native bees you see and uploading them here! I'm working on a research project at the Zilker Botanical Garden trying to learn more about the native bees and their behavior. If you photograph any bee and know your plants well then leave me some notes on your observations to help me understand which plants bees are foraging on.

Let's learn more about the bees we share our neighborhoods with and treat them kindly by planting more of the plants they need. We need more data to understand these amazing creatures needs better, so help us out by uploading your observations and trying to get the as close to species as possible.

Thanks so much for your help and happy iNat-ing!

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