Simon Tolzmann

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I'm 15 years old from Chicago, IL and I've been birding since 2016. I got hooked when I went to a summer camp and saw an American Kestrel chasing a Peregrine Falcon. Shortly after, I went to Colorado to spend time with family, and got over 100 species in a day with my grandpa. Now my life list is at 538 for the world, and counting! Butterflies and all other forms of life came into my life in the summer of 2019 when I "rediscovered" iNaturalist.

If I make an ID that is incorrect, feel free to let me know. Scratch what I said on here before about trying to document 2,500 species this year. That isn't happening anymore because almost all of my necessary trips have been cancelled. If you live in (especially) Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana or Michigan, please tell me about places with high biodiversity so that I can get out to them once this mess of a virus is over with!

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