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I was raised exploring the fields & forests of central Pennsylvania; I began photographing my observations while in treatment for breast cancer.

A decade later, I have begun adding my 'archive' of those old images (taken largely with a Fuji FinePix and Nikon CoolPix) to iNat so I may catalog a more accurate Life List. Most of my older images will not qualify as high quality, but I have identified a number of species which, prior to embarking upon this 'quarantine' project, might otherwise have remained forgotten in my digital archive.

In June 2020 I began adding Casual observations from our 6,686 sq foot suburban property. Most plants are U.S. or PA-native species and while they cannot be elevated to Research Grade, they're important.

My Personal Project: MCWMA Conservation Trail Diversity

Thank you always to those kind & knowledgeable iNat users who generously volunteer their identification skills -- you are much appreciated!

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