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I have had a life long interest in nature in all its many forms. I am a Volunteer at Ark in the Park conservation/restoration project in Auckland's Waitakere Ranges, and am helping with weed control on 'predator free' Tiritiri Matangi island sanctuary.

I have taken many photos over a lengthy period but have not previously had time to get involved with logging these in on iNaturalistNZ. Now that I have a little more time on my hands I think it is useful to add some of the observations I have made into the incredible data base and resource that this site provides.

As a bonus, I am finding great pleasure in recalling some of the places I have been, and remembering the experiences I have had.
I do apologise for the fact that many of my obs are single shots that don't necessarily include details that are commonly needed for IDing. On the other hand, being a generalist and not specialising in particular genus/species, most of my Obs are straightforward and relatively easy to recognise to S or SSp level.

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