Colton Price

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I am a self-taught backyard ecologist, and love every aspect of the natural world. My main interests lay in native Texas flora and fauna. Suburban swamp cowboy dandy, walking the creeks and trails of this strange riparian world of Southeastern Texas. I live at the transition of three Texas eco-regions: Gulf coastal plains, Piney woods, and Blackland prairies. The combines effect is a subtropical pine forest, interwoven with creeks & bogs, and abundant with wildlife.

My primary passion is native ecology and botany, from the grasses to the trees, and all the wildflowers in between. Been a bird fanatic (casual ornithologist) since a young age, when my grandmother introduced me to the wonder that is the migratory bird Gulf Crossing, in the upper Texas Coast. I also, am interested in native wildlife biology, herpetology, entomology, the list of ologie's is endless. I spend a lot of time on the coast, particularly at Crystal Beach, on Bolivar Peninsula.

Beyond that, I love European flora y fauna, and study it as well.

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