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I try my best. If I'm wrong, please do tell me, but please be polite. Kindness is always key. Don't be a jerk. I don't like jerks.

I don't expect corroboration or IDs on low quality pictures. In fact, I discourage attempted identifications if the quality is simply too difficult to navigate. I delete most of the older ones that are truly heinous. If you come across one that isn't deleted, but seems like it probably should be, feel free to comment that it doesn't have much hope. I'll probably delete it. I actively go through old pictures to upload, and not all are great. Some are great. That's why you may see some quality fluctuation.

I can speak a pretty wide variety of languages because I learned the basics of many while preparing for my mission (LDS, was Mormon then, am still Mormon now). Some of them I suck at now. But I will still try. English is what I'm best at.

My notifications get lost frequently. Feel free to reach out to me or tag me if I seem to miss something.

I add a lot of taxa but don't necessarily curate it or keep up with it. If there's an error, tell me and I will fix it or delete it. If something needs to be added or curated with the actual taxonomy (relationships, synonyms, etc.), I don't do those things. You're better off doing it yourself unless it's something only I can do since I created the taxon. In that case, just let me know. And if I make an error: oops. Obviously.

If you have questions about an exact location, please ask. I'll probably have no issue giving more info. I obscure for my family's privacy.

If you find this, no you didn't. (Please respect me and my family. This is part of my private life. Please don't ask or try to talk to me about it unless it's on here. I have no problem socializing on iNaturalist but I insist it stays on iNaturalist. Thank you.)

Hot seat. I'm just goofin'. Lol.

I'm a real human. Not a robot. 1s and 0s. Not a robot. Not a robot.

Perhaps check out my band, I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME. Or don't. ↯

DW used to do The Brobecks.
Then he did Panic! At The Disco.
Now he does iDKHOW.
The end.

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