George Ștefan Năzăreanu

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Naturalist (main interests: entomology, ichthyology, speleology) - Nature Photographer - Environment Consultant - Visual Artist - Nature Sciences Teacher

• I grown up surrounded by scientists from various work fields, so basically I started to be an explorer from the first years of my life, joining them in many of their expeditions.
• I used to work for ten years at "Grigore Antipa" National Museum of Natural History, Bucharest, Romania, as a Conservateur and Museographer, participating in research projects and in many educational programs.
• Now I am an Educational projects coordinator for nature related activities at Karin's Kids Academy, Bucharest, Romania - an unique kindergarten in Europe, based in the middle of the forest, where children are stimulated through play to learn in and about nature, 90% of the time.

Photo Usage

If you want to use my photos in any publications or guides, let me know!

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