Ishaan Joseph

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Hello, I'm Ishaan, a 13 year old Entomology hobbyist, with my focus on this app set on Lepidoptera!

I've recently been working on both day & night flying moths in the South Pasadena - Oak Knoll - South Arroyo area! (Bombycoidea, Arctiinae, Noctuiinae to name a few.)

Don't be afraid to contact me @ my email, I'll try my best to respond! :-)

Business Email:
Instagram: mothsgalore

Websites I use for Lepidopteran identifications

NRL = seldom relied on for ID's, used as secondary evidence
MIW = main website used in ID's (adult, seldom larvae) (adult, larvae) *MIW (all stages, mainly adult & larvae ID's.) *MIW (adult) (historical records) *NRL (historical records) *NRL (historical records) *MIW
various US research collections & museums (historical records)

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