Jennifer Chandler

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Landscape architect that likes to look at things.

Little project: Slowly documenting life at my doorstep, common or not. Otherwise, whatever captures my attention that is photographable with a phone, and rarely a camera.

ID tips are always welcome, so I can learn for the next go around.

I have been working for short periods in Ladakh, India, and as there is so little posted, I am doing my best to upload as many plants as I can, and capture some of the moving creatures as well. Plant ID's are generally from A Field Guide to the Flora of Ladakh by Dvorsky, Klimes, et. al. Some of the plants I'm quite familiar with and other ID's will be best guess from the Flora.

ID's for Bhutan are based on my time there, but it was while ago, and I'm rusty, please feel free to differ.

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