Jonny Sperling

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I'm a 16 year old birder from San Diego.

Even though its cliche, ever since I was young I was invested in wildlife. Around the peaceful and non-stressful age of 5 I began going outside and catching butterflies and watching Turkey Vultures for hours on end. Now that I'm older, I began to focus in on Passerine in general. I usually go out birding for hours when I have the time, being careful to avoid the ever so common and ankle loving rattlesnakes in my area. Now that I've accumulated a good amount of birds for San Diego County, I've been going back to searching for plants and reptiles on the side. Its always exciting to find a rare plant or a elusive reptile, which is always a fun reminder that if you really get invested into one thing you may miss the beauty of another.

It really was cliche wasn't it? Oh well. I'll probably change it in a few months or something.

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