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Hello and welcome to my profile! While I am primarily interested in marine biology I find myself fascinated by just about everything way too often. This, combined with the fact I live quite far inland, is the main reason why despite having zero knowledge of botany most of my observations are of plants. Having said that, I try to identify observations made by others rather than making new ones. To add to that, I often filter observations from oldest to newest trying to minimalize the amount that still needs IDs. On a sidenote, I am perfectly fine with both being messaged and @ under observations if for any reason you wish to ask me something or explain the thought process behind my IDs.

If one of your observations has an ID from me it is either:

1) Somehow connected to aquatic fauna. I'd say I'm fairly good at most reef-associated fish and crustaceans. Significantly worse with cnidarians, echinoderms and coastal fish. And please never base your identifications off mine if it's about freshwater fish or sponges.

2) Placed in the 'Unknown' category. Nowadays I try to search through observations categorized as 'Unknown' in order to give them some basic identifications so that actual experts can come across them more easily. And if you're new and reading this: please give your observations some sort of ID, even as imprecise as Animalia, Plantae or anything in between. Seriously, it will help you get an ID on them.

And this should go without saying but I am just a human and I make mistakes. Please never assume I am correct just because I gave you an ID. Compare and come to your own conclusions because trusting me blindly for any reason is a terrible idea. ALSO! Trying my best to learn from past mistakes so if you believe any of my IDs are wrong please spare a moment of your time to explain to me why, I'd greatly appreciate it!

P.S.: currently trying to learn about the fauna of the Baltic Sea, so if you've got any tips or resources I'd not mind hearing about them as information seems quite scarce from what I've seen so far.

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