Kayce Workman

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My grandfather taught me to love nature at a young age. I attended the University of Tennessee at Martin and received a degree in Natural Resources Management with a concentration in wildlife biology. I love getting outdoors and find beauty in all of the natural world. I am the aquarium and wildlife manager at a local museum and work to educate the public about the native Tennessee animals with an emphasis on reptiles and the Reelfoot Lake ecosystem. In 2020 I brought the Tennessee Naturalist Program to my area and became the coordinator for the local chapter. I also have partnered with Tennessee Bluebird Society to bring a bluebird trail to my place of employment in 2021. I am the secretary of the Friends of West Tennessee National Wildlife Refuges and hope to be able to give back to these important organizations and continue my work in education. Most of my pictures are for my own enjoyment but I do use them as educational tools and to help others collect data.

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