Kathy Sidles

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I have been a Saint Paul, Minnesota Parks Volunteer for many years. I pick up a lot of trash and while doing that count birds for eBird and Bumblebees for Bumblebee watch. I managed our southern Iowa family farm for 18 years and did much of the natural area work with help from my family after enrolling in farm conservation programs including establishing prairies, planting trees, and controlled burns. I recently retired as an engineer in manufacturing and am enjoying being outside a lot. I have landscaped with native plants for over twenty years and helped upgrade two yards for pollinators this spring using state guidelines for upgrading for the endangered Rusty Patched bumblebee that we are seeing quite a few of locally (see the Minnesota Lawns to Legumes program). I am enjoying telling people about Bumblebees and the Great Backyard Bumblebee Count.

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