E.A. Noble

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Daily living in and trying to mitigate the unanticipated consequences of FRACKING. These are not the standard noxious smells, gas and water fires, barren fields, toxic air quality, earthquakes or abandoned wells.
This is about the winding stream that always flooded in the spring, sustaining 3 square miles of wildlife in the sole 15 acres of wooded greenspace left, and the deforested pipeline land "restored" with an invasive, non-flowering rice grass. The fields here cannot be farmed anymore despite the desperate use of chemicals, the constant earth vibration at a frequency that turns wildlife aggressive and causes drill operators to commit suicide or the simple light pollution. It's about the out of town workers that drive too fast down the middle of the road (often drunk), the worst food wrappers and beer case of littering I have ever seen. It's that they run down the already displaced, threatened wildlife and domestic pets for fun. Unsecured junk parts fall off rigs and puncture tires- we replaced 18 tires last year. It's about how a family that said No to Fracking is now the witness of these consequences and Defenders of all that is not human.
2022 Update
With less mowing, the addition of native flowers, and creation of more animal habitat I am happy to see the return of lightning bugs, crickets, plentiful caterpillars, and butterflies. I've seen at least one bat every night after 2 years of none. Our barred owl finally received an answer to the lonely cry that has been haunting me with sadness for 3 years. We had 3 new types of wildflowers this year. On the downside, bumblebees are few and on the small side. I think the bagworm moths have killed our evergreens, I learned exactly how many invasive plants we have,

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