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M. Sc. student in Forest Entomology at Laval University, conducting research on changes in beetle communities within undisturbed forest stands in Mauricie National Park (Laval University & the Laurentian Forestry Center).

I recently graduated with a B.Sc.A. degree in Environmental Sciences, and my passion for entomology and taxonomy has driven me to pursue graduate studies in this field, with the aim of making it my future career.

I am deeply enthusiastic about entomology, with a main focus on the fauna of eastern North America. My efforts are dedicated to documenting species distribution and understanding their ecology. I spend most of the summer months exploring various ecosystems in search of several insect groups: Nitidulidae (currently working on a guide of Eastern Canada species), Staphylinidae, Elateridae, Buprestidae, and more recently Membracidae, and Chrysididae. Beyond entomology, I have also participated in taxonomic studies of freshwater mussels (Class: Bivalvia) and contributed to numerous Bioblitz events over the years.

While I strive for accurate identifications, I consider myself a perpetual learner. Please don't hesitate to tag me in your observations or provide corrections if needed. I am always eager to expand my knowledge and enhance my skills 😄

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