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I'm an ecologist with a love of nature, especially plants and insects. I am currently working as an Assistant Professor at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, USA. Research in my lab aims to understand factors influencing species interactions and patterns of biodiversity, with a focus on plant and insect ecology. These studies include work on insect herbivores and pollinators, with special interest in butterflies and bees. For more information on past and ongoing research see by website:

I also have a love for the arts and am an amateur photographer and illustrator. I post my photos, illustrations, and naturalist observations on my lab instagram account:

I received my PhD in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado - Boulder, MS in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior at the University of Texas - Austin, and BS/BA in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Environmental studies at the University of Kansas. I conducted post-doctoral research in Entomology at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and Bioagricultural Sciences at Colorado State University.

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