Milo, UK

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I am Milo, and I like wildlife
Orchids, herps, birds.....
I have a particular interest in orchis and spiranthes, however I also have a great interest for virtually everything, more specifically wading birds, native leps, and variation within species, coin collection and elements collection My dismal twitter account

If anyone wants to make an enquiry as to how I have come to a certain id, feel free to ask - I get many things wrong / If anyone just wants to chat, I love talking!
I currently live in Surrey, UK

Things important to me: wildlife, conservation, cheese, mathematics, English..... (The list goes on), sculling, non-sparkling water, the colour green/brown/black/pink growing plants, inat discord, this one gif, my cat, ORCHIDS

Stuff I would rather stay a way from: sports like football, rugby etc, trophy hunting, sparkling water, extreme heights, all dolls, manakins, humanoid robots, Elon Musk, plastic grass, wrinkly pseudobulbs

Spiranthes spiranthes spiranthes spiranthes
Orchids orchids orchids orchids orchids

  • If anyone finds a cool orchid obs, please show me!

Inat discord server:
Join, and talk about wildlife! (Obviously orchids are mainly encouraged)

Stay safe everyone!

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