Neil Bjorklund

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Hello! I spent 23 years working as a professional habitat conservation planner in Eugene, Oregon, with a focus on wetland and riparian habitats. My hobbies include photographing and watching birds and butterflies, both here in Oregon and abroad.

My primary expertise as a naturalist is in native butterflies of Oregon. I am the owner and creator of, a comprehensive guide to the native butterflies of Oregon. This website includes photos of all of Oregon’s described butterfly species that breed regularly in the state, as well as information on how to identify them, where they occur and when, what larval host plants they use and their current conservation status. I have more than 8,000 butterfly records in Oregon including 160 species, stored in my own custom-designed database. I don't submit sightings to iNaturalist, eButterfly or BAMONA because of the significant extra work involved, and because these sites are not designed to support the work I do with butterflies in the way that my own database is. Sorry iNat community!

In 2021, I plan to add to my website a list of butterfly species for the state, which shows which species have been documented in which counties. Since only a fraction of all butterfly records are entered into iNat you need a more comprehensive dataset to understand distribution of each species.

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