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I'm a biologist in the Department of Biological Sciences at Tarleton State University. I have a life-long interest in natural history and broad experience including paleontology, wildlife biology, and population and evolutionary genetics. I don't consider myself to be an expert in anything, but I'm interested in almost everything.

I manage the iNaturalist project for the Timberlake Biological Field Station in Mills County, TX. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive inventory of species at the field station to inform and guide future research projects

Taxa I've been focusing on

I enjoy learning how to distinguish groups of related species and helping to curate them here on iNaturalist. Taxa that I've been curating include:



Projects and stuff

Timberlake bioblitz events

ID guides created by other folks

iNat Tips & Tricks

I recommend not agreeing to an ID just because someone else gave that ID--only ID things based on your OWN knowledge and research.

Adding annotations

  • Filter observations (in the Identify modal) which don't have annotations (change taxa and place as desired). Click the Annotations tab and use keyboard shortcuts for adding annotations (keyboard icon in lower left). Chose "no evidence of flowering" if that's the case to remove it from future filtering as needing annotation.


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