Susan Curador

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I'm a mathematician by training and a retired software engineer. My love of nature extends from birds and fish to plants and gardening. I've written The Trees of Mount Rainier and The Wildflowers of Mount Adams, as well as co-authored The Flora of Mount Adams, Washington. My most recent project is Trees Live Here: the Arboretums of America (Sound Books, 2014).
My website is

In 2014, with my husband David Biek I began a photo project at Mount Rainier. By the end of the summer of 2016 I had photographed 603 of the approximately 750 native vascular plant taxa. The photos are available at and on a free App at The 2014 photos are available in a Google Earth format, showing location for each taxa photographed. It is at

A recent website edition includes photographs and descriptions for approximately 550 native North American tree species. It is at

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