Phil Stouffer

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I'm an ornithologist and wildlife professor at Louisiana State University in the US. I've been lucky to have worked for many years in the Amazon, based at the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project, near Manaus, Brazil. I also spent a glorious year as a US Fulbright Scholar at the College of African Wildlife Management in Mweka, Tanzania, on the southern slope of Kilimanjaro. Many of my better natural history photos, with identified species, are on my flickr at account stoufferLSU- My classes use iNat to document herps and mammals at urban parks near Baton Rouge, and we have a project using iNat to keep track of birds striking windows on the LSU campus. Other than window strikes and other dead birds, I don't see the point of iNat for bird observations. My bird lists and photos are all on eBird. My bird audio recordings are on eBird as wav files and Xeno-Canto as mp3s.

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