Randall Good

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General Biology teacher at the high school (Azusa) and nonmajors college level (Univ of LaVerne), and Outdoor Enthusiast. I love hiking and exploring with my own kids (adult and young), students, former students, friends and family. My haunts tend to be around where I set up my projects- Crystal Cove State Park, and also Chaparral areas of the East San Gabriel Valley (Marshall Canyon, LaVerne) and Day Creek area. Camping in Joshua Tree, Sequoia, and Eastern & Southern Sierras.

Favorite species: Tidepools- Giant Keyhole limpets and Octopi. Chaparral- Monkeyflowers, Mountain Mahogany and Manzanita for plants, and Insects for sure the darklings- Diabolical Ironclad and Wooly, but also a big fan of the Pepsis Tarantula Hawks!

Follow me on Instagram! I post quite a few videos from my observations as well as other stuff at Instagram, randallgood4

Hope to see you online and on the trails!

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