Robert Neidlinger Curador

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I am a college graduate with a degree in biology and chemistry. I have approximately 20 years experience in collections, split between herbaria and entomological collections. My interests vary. For photography I prefer macro work but take advantage of anything that I see which I think is worthwhile. Much of my collection work presently is done in photography using a microscope with automontage software. I may be available to take some very detailed images for individuals who are working on publications if contacted directly.

I was a military dependent and followed my father around the world living in a number of different states and countries before graduating H.S. In my life after H.S. and before college I spent twelve years in the U.S. military as an infantryman, again traveling around the U.S. and the world. Since graduating, I have traveled around the U.S., coast to coast multiple times solo unsupported, by bicycle.

I suffered a TBI while in the military and have epilepsy as a result. There is a bit more to me but that about covers it for now.

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