Ray Whitson

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I was born in Lexington, Kentucky, and I now live in Lexington, South Carolina. I am a past president of the Greater Cincinnati Herpetological Society, and I am a life member of the Kentucky Reptile Zoo, in Slade, Kentucky. I was active in those organizations from 1986 until 2001 when my professional life took me on the road. Under the auspices of the GCHS, I installed a live animal exhibit in the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History and Science in 1994, and maintained it until 1999. My interest in wildlife and wildlife biology began as soon as I began to read, and has continued since. I am now 66 years young and looking forward to investigating all the species in my new home state, plants, mushrooms, fish, mammals, birds, insects, and especially herpetofauna. Snakes, snapping turtles, and salamanders are among my favorites. I am now a member of the South Carolina Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (SC PARC) and the Coastal Conservation Association South Carolina. My posts here on INat, and my birding exposure have increased in recent months due to more spare time because of COVID 19. PLEASE WEAR MASKS, blessings to all.

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