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I’m a 18 year old entomology-enthusiast from the Netherlands. I also occasionally work as a volunteer in the Hymenoptera collection of the Naturalis Biodiversity Centre. My girlfriend @karakaxa introduced me to iNaturalist in 2019, but I quickly lost interest in the site and eventually stopped using it for a while. During quarantine however, my interest for iNaturalist was reawoken and I’m not exaggerating when I say that that was a life-changing decision!

I’m mainly interested in hymenopterans, more specifically apoid wasps (traditionally known as Spheciformes). You can feel free to tag me in any relevant observation if you need identification help! Even though my knowledge has greatly improved over the last few months, I’m still an amateur and my ID’s might not always be correct :).

Some other groups I’m interested in but know very little/almost nothing about:

  • Chrysididae (cuckoo wasps)
  • Mutillidae (velvet ants)
  • Sapygidae (club horned wasps)
  • Masarinae (pollen wasps)
  • Ricinulei (hooded tickspiders)
  • Solifugidae (camel spiders)
  • Nycteribiidae (bat flies)

I’ve also had a history with the paleontological community where I focused mainly on prehistoric chelicerates.

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