Shannen Higgins

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Hello, fellow naturalism nerds,

My name is Shannen Higgins and I'm enthusiastic about ecology, philosophy, and scientific communication. I'm currently a student of Environmental Science and I plan to transfer to Rutgers to continue my education in ecology with a minor in philosophy.

I enjoy both seeing plants in the wild as well as propagating native plants in my nascent nursery (Hell Mountain Nursery) for the benefit of my local social and ecological communities. I take a special interest in conservation and restoration, preferring to get my hands dirty removing invasive species, propagating native and sometimes rare species, assessing our built structures for wildlife passage, investigating vernal pools, and other sundry tasks of the dutiful land steward.

My interests range far beyond Kingdom Plantae into animals, fungi, rocks, microscopy, and beyond ecology into philosophy, art, and literature. I'm always thrilled to learn more about any of these things, so feel free to reach out and geek out!

If you have a horse or hike near Hacklebarney State Park, I'm always looking for someone to explore the trails with. If you have experience in driving, packing, or camping with horses, please reach out--I'm looking to level up both my horsemanship and my naturalism skills.

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