Sonja Deneve

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Ever since my childhood, I have been fascinated by nature, both flora and fauna. As a Nature guide and Botanic Garden Guide I enjoy sharing my wildlife enthusiasm when guiding school classes or adults. I have a small private salicetum. I inspired and participated in the creation in 2019 of a Salicetum in the city of Mechelen (Vrijbroekpark, 'De Wilgernis') with some 100 different Salix taxa from all over the world. In 2019, I organised, at Meise Botanic Garden, the first International Salicaceae Symposium since 1991. My ongoing project is the safeguarding of a plot of land that was (illegally) used as a dump, on which different Salix-taxa have been growing for several decades, one of the oldest ones being Salix euxina, a rather rare species in the North of Belgium. Arboreta and Botanic Gardens are my favorite (vacation) destinations: Arboretum Wespelaar (Belgium), Meise (Belgium), Leiden, (The Netherlands), Brno (Tsjechoslavakia), Bonn (Germany) Kew-London (U.K.), Florence (Italy), Graz (Austria), Uppsala (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland), Moscow & St. Petersburg (Russia), Nairobi (Kenya), Kirstenbosch National Botanic Garden, Cape Town, (SA), Botanical Garden, Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch, (SA).

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