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• personal Information •
I came to New Zealand when I was around five years old and have been interested in nature. When I made a new friend, I was even more interested in organisms and started collecting molluscs at around 10 years old and have been for the past 5 years. These included lichens to sea shells.
I will be posting about Art, Photographs of birds and insects as well as plants and marine animals.
I will be posting many different species of plants, fungis and animals but will only be accurate with mostly birds, although I will try and identify as accurately as I can.
I will be concentrating mainly on birds and molluscs.
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Please checkout my instagram account : @poireria.shellcollecter
• What I will be Posting •
am deeply interested in nature, meaning land animals too. Others of which I love taking photos are birds and insects e.g Gulls, abnormal insects, flowers, and native New Zealand plants & trees.
•Personal Information•
Name: Sako Segawa
Probably an older age than you think.
Just having fun with nature.
• What photographic tools I use •
I use two types of DSLR cameras with three different types of lenses.

These are
Nikon D5500
Nikon D90.
Lenses: (All Nikon)
(300mm as/f)

Thank you For checking my Profile.

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