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I moved to southern California from central New York in 2017 after completing my bachelor's degree in biology at SUNY Oswego. I worked with the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy as a restoration technician for a short time, and then with the California Botanic Garden (previously Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden) as a seed conservation technician for a year and a half. These jobs introduced me to the California native flora, and gave me a solid foundation in field work, plant identification, and seed banking. I began my graduate education at the California Botanic Garden in September 2019.

Many of my observations are from my master's thesis, a floristic inventory of the Manter and Salmon Creek watersheds in the southern Sierra Nevada, Tulare County, California. I also have several from my time doing field work in the Mojave Desert, and from local hikes in southern California. Whenever I visit family/friends in NY, I like to get some observations in as well :-)

You can read more about my work and see more of my photos here:
Instagram: @neenbeeninthegreen
Twitter: @theneenbeen

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