Vihansith Kulatunga

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I am Vihansith Kulatunga. I am a 12-year-old boy, an avid bird lover and can identify all Sri Lankan birds except confusing birds (eg. The pipits), some shorebirds and some seabirds. I avidly use eBird as well. I also happen to be (no boast or brag intended) the owner of the second rank of bird ID'ers in the whole of Sri Lanka! I have also started getting interested in beetles, butterflies, Odonates and spiders.

eBird (started in July 2020) and iNaturalist are my official hobbies. If you lived with me, you would often see me running around with a smartphone, staring at flies and spiders and butterflies or birds in the sky or or in trees. I take every opportunity seriously.

I have a passion for nature and a desire to photograph it. I am currently in Trincomalee, where the bulk of my observations are. I feel quite grateful to know that I have the privilege of making interesting discoveries, as I live in a sparsely examined area.

You can @ or message me to get help.

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